“He has provided a blueprint for the increasing number of European musicians who have been incorporating elements of folk music into their jazz.”

The Guinness Who’s Who of Jazz

“Improvising drummers like Shannon Jackson, Ken Hyder and Tony Oxley get closer to Varese’s tight structure and keen sense of abruptness.”

Ben Watson, Honesty Is Explosive!

“He propels his players with a frenzied energy and passion that’s breathtaking.”

Fanfare, New York

“Hyder’s debut record – Dreaming of Glenisla recorded 1975 – sounds for all the world like an Albert Ayler album released post-New Grass. The twin sax/twin bass lineup of Hyder’s quintet creates a droning, cantatorial spiritsound one can imagine as the sound of Ayler’s dreams.”

Doug Schulkind, WFMU

“It’s too cool for IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), too hot for trance, too formlessly simple for jazz and too formal and structured for improv. Maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much.”

Marc Medwin, Dusted Magazine (USA), on K-Space

“In a recent interview, Hyder remarked that shamanistic drumming has nothing to do with timekeeping; it is a means of accessing spiritual energy. Beyond all expectations, this recording actually touches that energy source – it is charged with visceral yet transcendent vibrations. Simply awesome.”

Bill Tilland, BBC on K-Space


My new memoir How to Know: Spirit Music – Crazy Wisdom, Shamanism And Trips To The Black Sky is out on Amazon and Smashwords. More details on the Writing page and a link to a free look on Amazon. And an extract on the All About Jazz site.

An epiphany article and a couple of tracks at The Wire.

“The result is a seductively uncomplicated lattice of musical and spiritual cosmology from someone who has immersed himself in some of the most remote cultures on Earth.”

Alex Neilson, The Wire Magazine

“Although not a long read, it is a very enjoyable one, frank and funny and often profoundly deep.”

Nicholas Breeze Wood, Sacred Hoop Magazine.

A very sharp and informed analysis of the book by Thomas Brett.

My third album with Vladimir Miller is just out.

It is a musical comment on Russian/Western relationships.




Here is a review of La Dolce Visa’s tracks in an Italian magazine. LDV is a trio of myself, guitarist Piero La Rocca from Sicily and American bassist Scipio.

Gendos Chamzyryn who was a brother to Tim Hodgkinson and myself has recently died. We learned a lot from each other. We will miss him. But we will catch up when we get to the other side.



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