Lone shaman, Churek Arzhaan, Tuva Tim Hodgkinson and Ken Hyder, Sverdlovsk

Gendos Chamzyryn

Kungaa-tash ool-Buu at the Khram in Samagaltai, Tuva

K-Space in the Altai

K-Space at Ivrea, Italy

K-Space at Hiarakhan, Tuva

Tim and Ken, Lyon, France

Petroglyph at Kalbak-tash, Altai

Maggie Nicols

Kara-ool Dopshun-ool leader Adyg Eeren shamans’ centre, Kyzyl, Tuva

Lu EdmondsBardo State Orchestra with Tibetan monksTim and Ken, Moscow

Selecting cymbals for Scrusci festival, Sicily

With South African band, Jabula, early 70s.

Very early Talisker with John Rangecroft, tenor and Marc Meggido, bass – pic by Jak Kilby

The World’s Smallest Jazz Pipe Band, 32,000 feet above Chicago

K-Space at Ivrea, Italy